I Caught Myself in Your Reflection and Thought I Was Her | 15 x 23


This piece was created in 2013. It's 23 x 15 inches and is stretched on 1.5-inch bars. Top quality materials were used.  The piece is signed on the back.  

This piece is about falling in love or being so enamored with someone that you lose yourself in them. Love is supposed to be about finding yourself, about helping each other find and be the best version of yourselves. It's an intense experience to love so deeply before you truly know yourself. It can be addictive and confusing. You can become more lost, believing that you love so much because you're like them ... only to find out that the reason you fell into that trap was your own lack of self-identify. It's a hard connection to escape but once you recognize the dynamic, there's hope for finding and loving your true self.